Auto Window Tint Installation

Auto Window Tint is a Must for San Antonio Drivers and Their Car’s Interior

The San Antonio heat and sun show no mercy. Anyone who drives or rides during a San Antonio summer knows how unpleasant, it can be to get into a vehicle that has been baking in the sun. This is a brutal reality for drivers in the Alamo City. The interior of our cars not only heat up but can deteriorate and discolor from repeat and prolonged exposure to the sun. It’s like sitting down inside of an oven. It’s time to turn down the oven. Check out XPEL PRIME XR PLUS, XPEL PRIME XR and XPEL PRIME CS, Car Window Tint.

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Product Overview

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PRIME XR PLUS- The Pinnacle of High-Performance Auto Window Tint

If you want an auto window tint that performs, you want XPEL PRIME XR PLUS. PRIME XR PLUS acts as a solid barrier that blocks up to 98% of infrared heat and provides SPF 1,000 protection that blocks over 99% of harmful UV rays. To add to the impressive list of benefits, PRIME XR PLUS’s high performance does not reduce outbound visibility. PRIME XR PLUS is the car window tint that gives San Antonio drivers clarity and comfort and a 10 Year Warranty.


XPEL PRIME XR- Ceramic Window Tint

XPEL PRIME XR provides the heat and UV protection benefits of window tint without the super dark look. XPEL PRIME XR’s blocks 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays and more than 80 percent of its heat and infrared radiation. XPEL PRIME XR Ceramic Window Tint is amongst the finest car window films available and is guaranteed for the life of the car.

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XPEL PRIME CS- Car Window Tint

When protection from heat isn’t as big a priority, XPEL PRIME CS is an ideal choice. It blocks 99 percent of the sun’s damaging UV rays, and it provides a lifetime of color-stable, glare-blocking performance. It will never fade, crack, peel or turn purple like many lesser quality protection films often do. XPEL PRIME CS’s neutral charcoal finish looks great on any car and comes with a lifetime transferrable warranty.