2021 Audi Q5 Receives XPEL PRIME XR

This 2021 Audi  Q5 received XPEL PRIME XR PLUS Tint on all windows. Andrew prepping the Windshield.
The best way to reduce the heat in a vehicle is to tint the windshield!
The windshield is the most horizontal glass near occupants and lets in the most heat.
Windshield tint protects the occupants, interior, dash and steering wheel from the Texas sun’s damaging rays.

Often referred to as “PPF,” XPEL Self-Healing Paint Protection Film is perfect for protecting high impact areas, or even doing full coverage car wraps . Keep your paint safe from chips, scratches, and road debris with glossy ULTIMATE PLUS™ or satin finish STEALTH™ today.

Window Tint can improve the in-car experience by enhancing privacy, reducing infra-red heat, cutting glare, as well as keeping your skin & eyes safe from harmful UV rays. From nearly optically clear to the blacked out “limo” look, we’ve got the perfect PRIME™ window tint for every automobile.

If you want long-lasting hydrophobic protection, look no further than a ceramic coating. FUSION PLUS™ offers specific formulations designed to help protect & improve the appearance of paint, PPF, wheels, calipers, glass, plastics, upholstery, and beyond with a single application.


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