ULTIMATE PLUS PPF Tours with BMW Motorrad K 1600 GTL Keeping Bugs and Road Grime Off the Paintwork


BMW Motorrad K 1600 GTL 

Those unfamiliar with life on two wheels may think of a Harley-Davidson roaring down the highway when they think of a motorcycle. Others may only envision a young Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper straddling a pair of chrome choppers in Easy Rider. Yet, those walking in the boots of the motorcycle lifestyle can spot a BMW Motorrad K 1600 GTL for what it is – one of the best touring motorcycles ever made.

The history of the Motorrad K Series spans several decades and carries a list of firsts for motorcycles. For example, in 1988, the then-new K 100 became the first motorcycle with standard ABS brakes. The BMW Motorrad K 1600 GTL featured here is part of the latest generation and is considered a luxury touring bike.


Recently, this K 1600 GTL visited XPEL San Antonio to get some work done on its PPF. First, we removed its worn PPF on its front fairing and saddlebags with fresh ULTIMATE PLUS ™ paint protection film.


In addition, we added self-healing PPF to its front windscreen and large infotainment screen, much like you might see on a vehicle interior. As a result, this Motorrad K 1600 GTL is ready to hit the road with added protection for the long haul. PPF will help keep bugs and road grime off its stellar blue and silver paintwork. Moreover, it will be easier to wipe away dead bugs off the windshield thanks to the slick, easy to clean surface that XPEL PPF provides.


Protecting Your Motorcycle with ULTIMATE PLUS or STEALTH PPF

If you need help keeping the wear and tear of the road off your two-wheeled weekend cruiser, the daily commuter or custom-painted hog XPEL can help. Our industry-leading paint protection film, ceramic coating, and window tint can be tailored to fit all makes and models, providing your bike the best protection available. From Harleys to Hondas, XPEL has you covered

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