BMW X6 Competition Protects Its High-Performance Luxury with PPF, Ceramic Coating & Window Tint


2023 BMW X6 Competition

The BMW X6 Competition is a “have your cake and eat it too” type of vehicle. It’s a full-size SUV categorized as a coupe with the performance of a sports car. Under the hood of the X6 Competition beats a twin-turbocharged V8 pumping 600 horsepower. Moreover, its sleek fastback roofline gives the otherwise boxy SUV profile a more streamlined appearance.

The 2023 BMW X6 Competition’s owner wanted to protect their premium investment. So we gave it a triple-threat service consisting of full PPF, ceramic coating, and window tint. As a result, the high-performance SUV is protected against scratch marks and UV rays while making it easier for the owner to maintain the car’s factory-fresh shine.


Our trained XPEL installers started by applying ULTIMATE PLUS ™ paint protection film to the BMW X6’s exterior. Then, the SUV’s glass was treated with PRIME XR ™ window tint. The last time was coating the X6’s paint, wheels, and windows in a layer of FUSION PLUS ™ ceramic coating.


XPEL ceramic coating‘s hydrophobic properties make it difficult for elements like rain and mud to slick on. Moreover, when it comes time for a car wash, the ceramic coating reduces the need for scrubbing and elbow grease. Instead, pollutants and grime wash off without removing the high gloss shine.

PRIME XR Plus window tint is designed to protect interiors against 99 percent of harmful UV rays. Moreover, XPEL tint helps increase interior comfort by deflecting 98 percent of infrared heat. Besides giving a vehicle an enhanced look, the dark tint does not affect outward visibility inside the vehicle.


Looking for Vehicle Protection Against Parking Lot Scratches? XPEL Has the Answer!

ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film is transparent. Therefore, it is a seemingly unnoticeable barrier between your vehicle’s paintwork and potential damage. In addition, its self-healing properties mean light damage to the film vanishes when exposed to direct sunlight. As a result, surface areas protected with PPF maintain a deep-gloss shine and no unsightly swirl marks.


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