XPEL Headlight Protection Film

Why Protect Your Headlights?

For over 20 years, auto manufacturers have been producing cars with composite headlamp units made from either polycarbonate or acrylic materials. While these elements are great for the design aspect, they have earned the reputation for being less durable than glass and having a tendency to deteriorate over time. Polycarbonate lenses can become cloudy and discolored due to oxidation, pitting caused by sand and other debris coming in contact with the surface of the light, and harmful UV rays.

While sanding or polishing the surface can remove the haze, the result is only temporary since this process actually removes the painted-on hard coat that was applied by the manufacturer to slow down the aging process. In the more advanced stages, the deterioration continues into the actual plastic material of the headlight, rendering it unsalvageable and requiring total replacement.

Probably the most common issue seen with composite headlamps is the sandblasting caused by rocks, road salt, debris and sand. This pitting and cracking not only affects the appearance, but it also reduces the performance of your lights. In some extreme cases, more commonly seen with fog lights mounted near to the ground, this can actually cause the lights to crack, allowing moisture to form inside the lens. XPEL film is designed to protect from all of these elements. In fact, it can actually help restore lights that are showing signs of wear from pitting. Acting like a wax, the adhesive fills in the surface defects, creating a shiny consistent surface while protecting any further damage.

Why XPEL Headlight Protection Film?

Unlike other films, XPEL Headlamp Protection Film has a patented scratch resistant surface coating that provides unmatched levels of durability, stability and longevity. This coating is nearly impossible to scuff and employs a UV inhibitor to prevent shrinking and discoloration, ensuring that your headlights maintain a flawless appearance over their life span.

What if my lights are already hazy?

Here at XPEL San Antonio, we can restore your lights to their previous condition before applying our protective film. Your lights will sparkle like new, and with XPEL Headlight Protection Film applied over them, they will stay that way permanently. Schedule your appointment today!

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