XPEL Headlight Restoration

If you have ever experienced foggy or cloudy headlights, you know that they can be an eyesore that takes away from the beauty and appearance of your vehicle. But did you know that cloudy headlights can be downright dangerous as they diminish light output and make it difficult to see when driving at night?

Lucky for you- XPEL San Antonio offers headlight restoration that will restore your headlights to their original, like-new condition.

How Do We Do It?

Modern polycarbonate lenses become cloudy due to oxidation, sand pitting, and deterioration caused by exposure to harmful UV rays. The team at XPEL San Antonio use a proven 3 Step Process to remove the oxidation and pitting, recoat the headlight lenses with a patented high gloss polymer clear coat and then cure the clear coat with a high-intensity UV lamp. The finished result is sparkling headlamps that are as good as new.

How Can You Keep Your Headlamps Looking Like New?

Headlight Restoration can be avoided, or you can keep your newly restored headlamps in tip-top shape by having XPEL Headlamp Protection Film installed. Protection Film provides protection from harmful UV rays and the normal wear and tear that daily driving causes. When you have the team XPEL San Antonio restore and then protect your headlights, you can rest assured lasting results with our lifetime warranty that protects against future deterioration.

Don’t wait for the condition of your headlights to deteriorate more. Give XPEL San Antonio a call today and let us help you restore the appearance and function of your headlights.

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