2013 Bentley Continental GT Receives ‘Clear Bra’ Paint Protection Wrap

2013 BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT The Bentley Continental GT is arguably considered to be the ultimate grand touring supercar. It’s a big car with private jet exclusivity and power to spare. It uses a twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 making 567 horsepower. The Bentley GT is an ideal car for driving across the country without suffering back pain. It is the type of car that makes you feel like you arrived before even setting off. Red paint is an attention-getter, so the owner of this matador red Bentley GT stopped by our San Antonio install center. We treated the Bentley with a full-front paint protection wrap in our industry-leading ULTIMATE PLUS ™ ppf. We wanted to protect the car’s high-risk surfaces against rock chips, scratches, and road grime. After all, this is a car designed to eat up miles on the road. Our full-front package covers a vehicle’s hood, front bumper, fenders, side mirrors, and headlights (if applicable). ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Bentley Continental GT Paint Protection Wrap ULTIMATE PLUS ™ ‘self healing’ paint protection film works with direct sunlight to vanish away light paint damage like swirl marks and faint scratches. It is a transparent film that acts like a barrier protecting surfaces against rock chips, scratches, road grime and leaves a premium high-gloss shine. For this Bentley Continental GT, the owner opted for to wrap the front of the vehicle to preserve its paintwork from damage. We offer a full-front wrap that protects the hood, bumper, fenders, and side mirrors. However, our certified installers can wrap any surface on a vehicle to meet a client’s needs. Specialty trim pieces like carbon fiber rear wings, front spoilers, diffusers, and matte paint can benefit significantly from paint protection film. CONTACT US TODAY Contact Us today to get an estimate or to schedule an appointment for any of our services: paint protection film wraps, UV blocking window tint, and hydrophobic ceramic coating.

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