2021 RAM 1500 TRX Gets the Full XPEL Paint Protection Treatment

2021 Ram 1500 TRX The current top dog in the pickup truck world is the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX. A supercharged Hemi V8 lives under the hood of this massive truck pumping 702-horsepower through its 35-inch tires. It’s a truck that speaks to America’s confidence and is built to hunt down its main rival – the Ford F-150 Raptor. The owner wanted the full XPEL treatment Ram TRX paint protection service. That meant treating the truck with a full paint wrap in ULTIMATE PLUS ™ ppf, FUSION PLUS ™ ceramic coating, and PRIME XR PLUS ™ window tint.Now, this heavy metal guitar solo on wheels is ready to rock with peace of mind thanks to XPEL paint protection. One of the best solutions to preserving your vehicle’s paintwork and defending against rock chips, scratches, and everyday wear and tear.ULTIMATE PLUS ™ RAM TRX Paint Protection Wrap Our paint protection film offers ‘self-healing’ properties. ULTIMATE PLUS ™ ppf works under direct sunlight to vanish away swirl marks and light scratches from surfaces. That is a bonus on top of its industry-leading quality in protecting surfaces against rock chips, scratch marks, and road grime. It also protects against bird droppings and other corrosive causing contaminants. ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection wrap delivers peace of mind with a high gloss shine.PRIME XR PLUS ™ UV Blocking Window TintThe sun in Texas is anything but a joke. With temperatures famously reaching triple digits in the summer, one should always be aware of the potential dangers. Long-term exposure to UV rays is one of the leading causes of skin cancer. PRIME XR PLUS ™ window tint works to block 99 percent of UV rays and deflect 98 percent of infrared heat.We offer PRIME XR PLUS ™ in various tint grades from nearly transparent to the popular ‘limo tint’ XR BLACK. Even at its darkest shade, XPEL window film will not disturb the clarity of people looking out. A benefit during nighttime driving. Tinted windows are almost a must-have in states like Texas. Before applying any window film to your vehicle, Contact Us for an estimate on PRIME XR PLUS UV blocking window tint.FUSION PLUS ™ Keeps the Water Off and the Shine OnFUSION PLUS ™ ceramic coating is infused with hydrophobic properties to repel water, mud, and road grime from surfaces. One application can protect surfaces for an extended time. We offer ceramic coating to protect exterior paint, interiors, windows, plastic trim pieces, and wheels. Vehicles treated with FUSION Plus ceramic coating shine bright with a mirror finish. As if they just rolled out of a paint booth. CONTACT US TODAYContact Us today to get an estimate or to schedule an appointment for any of our services: paint protection film wraps, UV blocking window tint, and hydrophobic ceramic coating. 

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Goldbergs Garage RAM TRX Receives Total Protection Package With XPEL

Goldbergs Garage visited our install center to get the best possible XPEL vehicle protection package. The car's painted surface was first covered by XPEL STEALTH Paint Protection Film, which gives off the satin look. This particular color of this TRX combined with our STEALTH paint protection film gives off the shark skin like appearance, and protects the vehicle from rock chips, road debris, and other harmful elements out on the road. The cabin was then treated with our PRIME XR PLUS Ceramic Window Tint. The tint will protect the cabin and its passengers from intense heat and harmful UV rays. The finishing touch to this ultimate protection package was ceramic coating the entire outer surface of the vehicle with FUSION PLUS.PAINT PROTECTION FILMOften referred to as “PPF,” XPEL Self-Healing Paint Protection Film is perfect for protecting high impact areas, or even doing full coverage car wraps . Keep your paint safe from chips, scratches, and road debris with glossy ULTIMATE PLUS™.CERAMIC WINDOW TINT Window Tint can improve the in-car experience by enhancing privacy, reducing infra-red heat, cutting glare, as well as keeping your skin & eyes safe from harmful UV rays. From nearly optically clear to the blacked out “limo” look, we’ve got the perfect PRIME™ window tint for every automobile.CERAMIC COATING If you want long-lasting hydrophobic protection, look no further than a ceramic coating. FUSION PLUS™ offers specific formulations designed to help protect & improve the appearance of paint, PPF, wheels, calipers, glass, plastics, upholstery, and beyond with a single application.Have questions about paint protection film, window tint, or ceramic coating? Contact us today for an estimate or to schedule an appointment.

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